Committee in International Islamic Student Summit 2017


Hallo Youngsters! If you are 1st – 3rd year student wanting to create meaningful impacts, then dare yourself to apply as:

“Committee in International Islamic Student Summit 2017 by BEM KM UMY!”

It has aim to empower young people through knowledge exchange and networking opportunity with top leaders, peacemakers, and policymakers.

We invite you to apply as:
– Divisi Konsumsi
– Divisi Sekretariat
– Divisi Perlengkapan
– Divisi Sponsorship
– Divisi Publikasi & Dokumentasi
– Divisi Dekorasi
– Divisi Transportasi
– Divisi Humas

1. Enhancing personal capacity, communications, leadership, and management skills
2. Networking opportunity with influential young leaders, policymakers, and peacemakers
3. Certificate of acknowledgement

1. Take a form registration at secretariat of BEM KM UMY
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. Pas Photo 3×4
4. Fotocopy of Student ID Card

082279221375 (M.Redo)
085799045358 (Hesi)


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